Barly JacksonEdit

Barly Jackson is the main character and admirer of the series. Born on November 24, 1993 (17). Barly is the one who thought of the tv series What To Tell. She is best friends to Lola Donorobia and Tyler Swain. Only Child of Dylan Jackson and Alice Jackson. She lives in a house in Raliegh, North Calrolina. In the series Barly seems to have a sort of feel for Tyler. As she shows him alot of reaspect( Unlike Lola) and seems to kind of blame Lola if she says something rude. Like in the episode Loves' To Tell. She is played by Cherity Hilson.


Barly is kind, nice, outgoing, supportive, and a non- violent person. As Barly sometimes refuses to do bad things. And she sometimes has to stop Lola and Tyler when they start a miny arguement.

She usally enjoys Tyler doing his punk things. But sometimes thinks it's a bad idea when she could decide to be on Lola's side. As in Makin' Lola Normals' To Tell Lola said her as cool, main, and normal. Tyler and Lola at some point called her by the nickname as Princess.

It that sometimes she has to correct her dad at somethings. Like in the episode Loves' To Tell she told her father that what he caught was really a mouse when he wanted to catch a rat.

Barly has a unique sense of humor. Unlike her best friend Lola she's not smart and unlike Tyler she's not tough,and likes punk stuff. Barly is thoughtful and will do anything for her friends.

Barly also seems to enjoy singing. In the episode Barly's Cousins' To Tell when she made him upset she song a song while Tyler played a guitar.

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