Lola DonorobiEdit

Lola Donorobia is one of the main characters in the series. She is Barly's best friend. And seems to be enemies with Tyler. She is one of the characters of What To Tell. Born on July 6, 1993 (17). Lola is the smartest character in the series as Tyler sometimes calls her Enstein. In Lola's Moms' To Tell it was that Lola has a mother that sometimes is the oppisite of her. Lola also seems to have a sister named Lila as she appeared in Lola's sisters' To Tell.Played as Jazmyn Reason. Lola is played by Kim Jenkins.


Lola is a smart, know-it-all, coky girl and sometimes tries to out smart people. (espiesally Tyler). It is that Lola's smart are able for no one to out smart. She gets good grades and sometimes gets awards and take place in Fairs. As sometimes Tyler makes it seem like a part of her as he says I'm not going to a nerd fair. She can sometimes get alittle bossy and too smart for people. In additian she tends to sometimes have illigel wepons she has created. Usally she cannot be normal.

Sometimes Lola tries not to get involve with anything that has nothing to do with science, unless she has to.

It seems that Lola's favorite subject is science. As sometimes she takes parts in school assignments all about science. She sometimes dosen't enjoy when Tyler talks all and only about punk things. Barly and Tyler try to do things normal that she sometimes isn't apprichated for.

Although she can't stand Tyler's love for guitars and punk things Lola seems to sometimes understand. In the episode Tyler's new Lifes' To Tell she in the series first-time-ever wants to get deep within Tyler's love for his things. Also in the episode Barly's Full Houses' To Tell she actullay understood what was wrong with his guitar.

Lola can figure out basiaclly anything in the episode Lola's sisters' To Tell Lila ( Jazmyn Reason) it was said that she has an I.Q. of 82.

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